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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Switch on to Healthy Living with Utility Benches

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healthy living
Earlier we had discussed a number of utility benches that can be opted by those who want to indulge themselves in fitness strength training. Today we will provide a brief review of other varieties of utility benches that can help you to achieve your dream body. Read on.

Utility flat- Utility flat is one fitness equipment that is versatile, durable and strong. It has been built in a way so that tolerating years of abuse comes easy to it. So hop on it and work your way to good health.

Four-Way Utility Bench- This exercise machine targets all the stops–flat, decline, upright position for shoulder work and four incline angles. Breathe easy as you perform the sit-ups or decline exercises on this fitness machine. The removable footrest will keep you secured in your position. The adjustable seat makes it easy to move on to higher level of incline training. Moving on is simple- get hold of the handle and roll away. With the Four-Way Utility Bench, you can enjoy benefits of several utility benches in just one exercise machine.

Three-Way Utility with Spotter Platform- This one can be said to be the ultimate fitness equipment. It is simple, plain and yet tough. The Three-Way Utility with Spotter Platform is ideal for all those who are working hard on shoulders, chest, arms and back. The unique feature of this utility bench is that it adjusts itself easily from zero to ninety degrees and you can roll it with one hand. In addition, the seat locks your position for incline work.

This exercise equipment comes with a spotter platform that provides added security. You also feel more confident to push it harder than you would in a normal situation.

So what are you waiting for? Start working out on the utility bench and it will never let you down.

Get Optimal Level of Health with Fitness Supplements

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Opting for health supplements is one of the best ways you can protect yourself against nutritional deficiencies. This is especially true in modern times when most Americans prefer junk food rather than a healthy diet. People who lead a busy life and have no time to consume a wholesome diet can also choose health supplements. We provide a brief review of the most useful health supplements.

ThermocinThermocin-Thermocin is one fitness supplement that helps one to burn fats quickly and in a simple manner. The benefits of this healthy supplement are discussed below-
  • We all are aware of the fact that cravings for food and uncontrolled appetite can act asdangerous threats to a weight-loss diet. Thankfully, one can use Thermocin to solve this problem. It contains hydroxycitric acid, which regulates appetite in a healthy manner. Additionally, the powerful stimulants that have been included in Thermocin suppress the uncontrolled appetite. The result is that you consume lesser number of calories and lose weight.
  • It is also important to burn off the fat for energy to achieve a leaner look. The green tea extract, hydroxycitric acid and caffeine (all of them have been included in Thermocin) are known to enhance the burning of fat for energy. The result is that your weight decreases in a healthy way and you get the body of your dreams.
  • In the competitive age of 21st century, people feel tired easily. With the help of the supplements included in Thermocin, you can regain your energy and feel fresh all throughout the day.
Novus Protein Bar- Novus Protein Bar is another health supplement that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Each of the bars contains 36g of protein and the interesting fact is that they taste like your favorite candy bar.

Now that you know benefits of these fitness supplements, get hold of them quickly and start living a healthy life.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Relish Working Out with Useful Weight Training Equipments

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Many people would like to sculpt the lower part of their body to perfection. We suggest few weight-training equipments that will help them to fulfill their dreams.

Standing Calf
Standing Calf- Standing Calf can be said to be one of the best weight training machines for shaping up the lower body. The aluminum nonskid footplate allows a full range movement, and the 2 inch thick padding provides additional comfort. One can also enjoy correct exercise alignment due to the grips of the Standing Calf. Other features of this fitness equipment include 300 lb weight stack and a leveraged input lifting arm that delivers 2:1 ratio to the calves.

Leg Curl- All those who want to work on the hamstrings can opt for the Leg Curl exercise machine. Its features include innovative and sleek design, comfortable padding, and compact footprint.

Seated Leg Press- This fitness machine allows leg training like no other. Make yourself comfortable in the seated position that is biomechanically correct and uncompromising. Other features include stylish design, linear bearings, and adjustable back pad. For best results, opt for 3 sets of 10 reps.

Outer Thigh- As the name implies, this exercise machine has been designed specially to isolate and strengthen the outer thighs. In addition, it also provides the user with an unparallel smooth feeling. The dual foot pegs and thick, comfortable padding ensure leg support and also help to reduce knee torque. Though there is limited user flexibility, it has been compensated by adjustable starting positions. Another unique fact is that you can easily access the elevated weight stack from your seat.

Now that you know which weight training equipment works on which part of the body, fulfilling your fitness goals won’t take up much time.

All the best!

Fascinating Fitness Accessories

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Earlier we had discussed few interesting fitness accessories that can be a great addition to your weight training routine. Today we will point out few accessories that are more useful.

Stud Bar Pull-Up- Made from 14-gauge steel, this pull up bar comes with triangular gussets which provides additional support. It has a weight capacity of 600 LB. Other features include a 1 1/4″ diameter that allows a comfortable grip.

Stud Bar comes in three different sizes so that it can adjust itself accordingly with the various ceiling heights. Standard Bar is ideal for nine-foot wall mountings or ceilings. The bar comes with optional settings, which allow it to hang 22” or 14 “below the ceiling. All those with 8-foot ceilings can opt for the Small Bar. It can hang 15” or 10” below the ceiling. Those who have 10 foot ceiling can consider the Large Bar. It can be hanged 31″ or 39″ below the ceiling.

Large Gym Bags- We all require bags that have loads of space, and can be easily carried to the gym. At the same time, they must look trendy and stylish. You can opt for these 36″L x 18″ bags, which are high on quality and style. Made from 600-D nylon, they come with deluxe full-length zippers. Additional features include easily detachable shoulder straps and 2” webbing handles.

Pulling Sled Straps-They are ideal for presses, face pulls and other workouts for the upper body.

Pulling Sled and Strap Combo- Pulling Sled and Strap Combo are ideal for people who are looking for new fitness accessories for spicing up their training programs. It is lightweight and contains 2 nylon straps that can be used though a belt. It can be opted by those who want to strengthen their upper and lower body.

With these intriguing fitness accessories, weight-training exercises can never be boring again!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pick Out the Best Strength Training Equipments

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We have earlier provided information about weight training equipments that can tighten your upper body. Today we will highlight more such functional exercise equipments. Here we go.

Ab Crunch- Most of us fantasize about flaunting the perfectly shaped
abdomen. Now it is easy to fulfill your dream with the help of Ab Crunch exercise machine. It has an adjustable seat and a starting position that makes it easy to use. The sealed pillow block bearings has made possible to experience a full range crunching movement.

Neck Machine- Neck is one area of the body that is usually ignored by weight training
equipments. However, with this particular exercise machine, you can train your neck like never before. The dual rotating headpiece makes it different from the regular fitness equipments. The simple design of the Neck Machine keeps your head in the right position while you are working out.

The unique fact of this equipment is that the user can exercise the neck muscles from four various directions. It also has a comfortable padding and you can easily change the weight from your current exercise position. Other features of the Neck Machine include four handgrips and an adjustable seat.

Adjustable Cable Column- Adjustable Cable Column is a flexible exercise equipment, which allows several workouts within a small footprint. You can slide the handle/ pulley mechanism up and down to the chosen height on the column with laser-cut numbers. Attach the grip to the cable and work out. This machine even allows for leg and hip exercises.

Standing Bicep Curl- Shape up your biceps like never before with this unique fitness machine. With a small footprint and a natural progression of movement, Standing Bicep Curl can be the ultimate fitness equipment.

It is recommended to choose the fitness equipment that suits your requirements and lifestyle the best.

Perk Up Your Workout Routine with Exercise Balls

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Every year we are flooded with new fitness theories and trends. However, one trend that has withstood the test of time is incorporating exercise balls as part of the fitness routine. Using the right kind of exercise balls can make your abs and back stronger and enhance the stability of the body. With the market flooded with a variety of exercise balls, we provide a brief review of the most useful ones.
Elite Power Medicine BallsPro Swiss Ball- You can use the Pro Swiss ball to increase your fitness levels. It is unstable and you have to adjust your balance constantly. This, in turn, will help you to improve your flexibility and balance. To make your workouts more challenging, you can use the Pro Swiss Ball as an exercise bench and combine it with lightweights. This will help you to work on the stabilizer muscles.

Many people love to incorporate this exercise ball as part of their fitness strength training. Giving importance to this fact, these balls have been designed in a way so that they provide additional support while performing weight-training exercises.

Another feature of this special fitness ball is that it is made of a unique material, which prevents it from exploding suddenly, in case it is punctured accidentally. Acrylic particles allow the air to release slowly and thus the balls deflate safely.

Pro Swiss BallElite Power Medicine Balls- These balls are strong and sturdy and are guaranteed to retain their shape. You can use these exercise balls in a number of ways. You can execute traditional medicine ball workouts with the help of them; bounce them against the floor or the wall. The textured surface of the balls guarantees a superior grip and the synthetic rubber construction make them easy to bounce.

So what keeps you waiting? Get hold of an exercise ball and spice up your exercise routine.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grab the Hottest Strength Training Equipments

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Earlier we discussed about a few strength-training equipment that one can use for toning the upper body. Today we will be providing information about more such useful fitness machines.

The Chest Press- This equipment is ideal for shaping up the chest region of the body. The 70-degree training angle of The Chest Press works on the upper and mid-chest muscles. You can experience variety in your fitness routine with the help of the barbell and neutral handgrips that are ergonomically angled. The machine also has a pre-stretch lever arm that allows the user to slip in it easily and quickly.

Pec Deck- Pec Deck is the perfect machine for isolating and working on the pec muscles. The unique fact about this fitness equipment is that it has designed for unilateral and bilateral use. The adjustable seat allows the user to experience the correct alignment of the body. The aluminum footplate will lock you firmly in your position.

Shoulder Training- If you want to flaunt shapely shoulders, go for this equipment, which has a classic design and versatile features. The multi-position handgrips target the shoulder muscles and the counterbalanced lift arm lowers the start weight to 15 lbs. Shoulder Training also helps to reduce rotator cup torsion.

Vertical Press- This fitness equipment works on the lats and rear delts. The adjustable seat prevents any chance of slipping off and the cushioned chest pad provides the much needed support and comfort. Vertical Press also comes with multiple handgrip positions.

Seated Row- Boasting of a sleek and stylish design, the Seated Row can greatly enhance the size and endurance of the back muscles. Features include chrome-plated handles, aluminum checker plate and dense padding.

Now that you know which strength training equipments are ideal for the upper body, getting into shape is just a matter of time.

Boost Up Your Workout Routine with Fitness Accessories

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Fitness accessories are a great way for spicing up the daily exercise routine and enjoy an amazing workout. We provide few interesting accessories that any fitness maniac can opt for.

fitness accessoriesGrappler- This is an ideal exercise equipment for toning the shoulders and enhancing the size and strength of the upper body. In fact, the grappler can also be used by sportsperson for conditioning. A unique fact about this exercise equipment is that two people can use it at the same time.

Tricep Rope- Tricep rope can be used for workouts such as lat pulldowns, low rows, triceps pushdowns etc. It comes with a forged steel grommet that easily accommodates itself in any commercial gym. The custom-engineered ball grips allow a stronger support.

Reverse Hyper Straps- All those who love working out on the Reverse Hyper exercise equipment can opt for these straps. This set contains one long and one short strap. Use the short strap for the lower back region and the long one for the hamstrings and glutes.

The Allen Core Wheel- Opt for this fitness accessory to work on the core area. The Allen Core Wheel is ideal for the shoulders too.

Deluxe Ab Straps- They have been made from heavy-duty cordura nylon that enhances its durability and strength. These special straps come with locking, forged steel carabineers that fit into any gym. The bottom of the straps contains high-density foam, which supports the arms during the strength training workouts. The side straps have brushed nylon that provides protection to the arms and makes the Ab Straps more convenient to use.

Shop around for these fitness accessories and have fun while working out. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Olympic Benches – A Fitness Tool to Increase Your Strength Training Endurance

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Olympic BenchOlympic benches are great training tools that many powerlifters use to increase their overall strength training endurance. However, it gets most confusing when it comes time to pick the best Olympic benches, thanks to the availability of the boundless selections at local and online stores. Therefore, it is recommended to make some market research before finalizing any fitness equipment. The sole purpose of these strength-training machines is to provide a stable and supportive device so that you can perform the exercises in both sitting position and while lying flat. Therefore, go for those devices that allow to make modifications to focus on different areas of your body.

While looking for an Olympic bench, make sure that the strength training device is in line withOlympic Benches you, i.e. the bench is a good fit with your height and weight. Another factor that you need to consider is the sturdiness. Whether you are buying this fitness equipment for working on a particular part of your body or for all types of weight routines, make sure feel secure while using this device to lift weights. One may even opt for the multiple-purpose Olympic benches; they come with an attachment that allows you to perform various exercises. You can use the attachment to work on the leg muscles, abs and other parts of the body.

The construction of this strength-training machine must also be considered. Needless to say that the device must support the weights you are using. The key adjustment area of the bench must be study enough to lift huge amount of weight. And at the same time, it must not be difficult to move about. You can go for those Olympic benches that come with catches that keep the device from falling down.

At Westside Barbell, you can get some of the most reliable Olympic benches that are used by the pro powerlifters and World and National Champion powerlifters.

Effective Strength Training Equipments for the Upper Body

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Many people would love to flaunt a perfectly chiseled upper body and torso. We suggest a few strength-training devices that will help them to achieve their fitness goal.

Incline Lever Row- Incline Lever Row is one fitness equipment that can help you to shape up the abdominal region. In addition, it is also effective for reducing strain in the lower back. Incline Lever Row comes with multi-position handgrips which you can utilize to add variety to your workout routine.

The Dip/Ab/Push-Up- The Dip/Ab/Push-Up should be used by anyone who is looking forward to work on the upper body. Made from huge 3″ square tubing, you can use it to perform knee raises. Thick pads of this fitness equipment will provide complete support to the elbows while you work out. Step down for a while and move up for the dips. This fitness equipment will also aid you to perform elevated push-ups.

fitness equipment
Mini Sit-Up
- We all know that regular sit-ups can help us to get a toned upper body and great abs. Now you can enhance the sit-up exercises with the help of the Mini Sit-Up. The best part is that this unique fitness equipment can accommodate itself within a space of 48” x 24”. You get sufficient resistance for ab work from the 30-degree angle and the shin rollers help you to stay in position.

45 Degree Hyperextension- This machine simultaneously works on the back region and stabilizes the lower part of the body. It can be easily adjusted, while providing the necessary comfort.

Curl Pedestal- All those who love doing curl bar exercises can opt for the Curl Pedestal. It comes with handy weight storage pegs that make it easier for the user to change and add plates swiftly. Thus, the momentum of your strength-training workout is not lost.

We provided a brief review of the different equipments that can help your upper body to get into shape. Select the one that will help you in fulfilling your goals and make you feel good.

Olympic Benches used by Westside Barbell Powerlifters

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In our previous post, we discussed the factors that one must consider while shopping for an Olympic bench. Now, it’s time to focus on some of the benches that are used by the legendary powerlifter Louie Simmons and other powerlifters of Westside Barbell.

Olympic Decline Bench
This strength-Olympic Decline Benchtraining device is known for its ability to fire every nerve of your chest and can create separation between your Pecs to complete the torso. It allows a multijoint movement to increase strength in each major upper body lift. In fact, this Olympic bench is built to deliver strength and is suitable for all body types. This fitness equipment weighs 220 lbs and comes with welded mainframe. The adjustable and vinyl covered roller pads of this bench allow for various user torso lengths. It has pop pin adjustment and elevated knee position helps to avoid hyperextension of your lower back. For Olympic bar placement, this strength-training device comes with ABS Protective Wear Guards.

Olympic Incline Bench
Olympic Incline BenchThis Olympic bench is not only impressive in appearance; it provides the best possible overhead shoulder training for powerlifters. The supported back position ensures that you can rely on this machine while performing overhead shoulder training. You can lean back on a 35° angle to put the hurt on the upper chest; the adjustable seat ensures that you are always correctly positioned. Other features include 3" square tubing, and a large spotter's platform that allows assistance to arrive just in time. This strength training equipment weighs around 270 lbs.

You can more information about the Olympic benches used by Westside Barbell powerlifters in our next blog post.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shop Around for Versatile Utility Benches

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Utility benches are the preferred choices of people who are serious about weight training and powerlifting. One of the advantages of utility bench is that there are no barbell holders attached to it, so one can perform different types of weight training exercises on this equipment. Another special feature of this strength training equipment is that unlike many other fitness machines, it takes up limited space. Utility benches can be of different types and we provide a brief review of few of them.
Three-Way Utility Bench- This utility bench can truly be called a versatile fitness equipment. It makes a quick adjustment from 0 to 85 degrees; this utility bench can even be rolled out with one hand. The three-way utility bench targets various areas of the body including shoulders, arms, back and chest.

Utility Benches
Incline Utility Bench-This fitness equipment is ideal for all those who are obsessed with incline dumbbell work. It is easy to use and can be readily adjusted from 35-70 degrees. It also comes with a compact and a stable base. With the Incline Utility Bench, you can concentrate on your weight training routines and not worry about the quality of the machine.

Utility Benches
Decline Utility Bench-The Decline Utility Bench has a simple design, but it is strong and sturdy. In addition, it is comfortable, can be adjusted easily and has been built in a way so that it can tolerate years of abuse. Another unique fact about this equipment is that it can be easily adjusted from 10-25 degrees with five positions.

Utility Benches
Multi-Purpose Bench- This sleek and stylish utility bench can be used for dumbbell work and for exercising with the Smith machine. The checker footplate of the equipment provides complete security and comfort comes in the form of the slightly angled back pad.

All utility benches have different functions and special features. Click here to shop for the perfect utility bench.

Make A Style Statement with Fitness Apparels

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For the health conscious modern women, looking stylish and comfortable is a priority. And they are not ready to compromise even when it comes to looking good while working out. We provide two reasons why it is important to opt for the right kind of fitness apparel.
  • Wearing stylish and comfortable clothes makes one feel good. You feel motivated to hit the treadmill and workout harder.
  • There are high chances of bumping into someone you know during the fitness sessions or on your way to the gym. Wearing ratty sweats and an oversized old t-shirt hardly create a good impression. It is important to look your best and feel confident, no matter at which place of the earth you are
Now that you know why it is crucial to invest in some stylish and high-quality gym wear, we provide a brief review of the hottest fitness apparels for women.

westside barbell wearWoman’s Tees- Wearing a fitted t-shirt will provide you the right kind of support, apart from making you look trendy and gorgeous. You can opt for woman’s tees that are made from cotton and have a classic fit. Cotton is naturally stretchable (thus allowing you to move easily during the workout) and draws away heat from the body. This in turn, keeps the body cool and dry. Example may include Westside Barbell’s t-shirts and tank tops. Since these t-shirts are available in colors such as pink and black, making a fashion statement will also be easy.

Shorts- Wearing a pair of trendy and comfortable shorts can jazz up any regular fitness routine. Ensure that the shorts aren’t too heavy because bulky shorts or pants can interfere with your exercise sessions. You can choose Westside Athletic Shorts that are lightweight and have an elastic waist. Colors range from red, black to blue.

It is crucial to consider the fact that fitness apparel does not have to be boring or torn-looking. They can be stylish, trendy, bright and most importantly, should be comfortable.

Flaunt Your Attitude with Westside Barbell T-Shirts

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The days of wearing a worn out and oversized t-shirt to the gym are over. Today, everyone is aware of the latest fashion trends and want to look their stylish best even at gyms. A simple and easy way to enhance your style statement is to wear a well-fitted and comfortable t-shirt. Westside Barbell has introduced some cool t-shirts and you need to read on to learn more about them.

westside wearWestside Barbell and MusclePharm T-Shirts- Many people are equally crazy about Westside Barbell and MusclePharm. Now you can flaunt your love for these companies by wearing the exclusive t-shirts that contain logo of both of them. These t-shirts are made from pure cotton, thus ensuring a greater degree of comfort. Available in colors such as white and black, these t-shirts are pre-shrunk and the sizes vary from Med – 4XL.

Camouflage T-Shirt- Camouflage t-shirts have got an interesting mix of brown, black and army green. Pre-shrunk and made of 100 % cotton, they are available in large-3XL sizes.

Westside Barbell T-Shirt-(1) - The unique fact about these pure cotton t-shirt is that they have been designed by Louie Simmons himself. The images of tiger and pitbull are printed on the front part and the logo of Westside Barbell is at the back. They are available in red with black print.

Westside Barbell T-Shirt-(2) - The second series of the special t-shirts designed by Louie Simmons have got images of tiger and dragon on the front and logo on the back. Sizes range from Med – 4XL.

The best thing about these Westside Barbell t-shirts is that they have been designed considering the sensibilities and tastes about different persons. We would suggest you to choose the t-shirt that reflects your personal style and choice.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jazz Up Your Fashion Quotient with Westside Barbell Clothing

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In one of our earlier blog post, we discussed about a few stylish and comfortable fitness apparel. Today we will be bringing some more fitness gear from Westside Barbell that should find a place in your wardrobe.

Westside Barbell T-Shirts- Most of feel us comfortable in t-shirts while working out. Westside Barbell T-Shirts are stylish and come in a range of colors such as white, blue, black, red, grey. However, the makers have given maximum priority to the quality and have not compromised with the comfort factor. To make the t-shirts more special, they have put logo of the Westside (a dog, lifting weights) on the front as well as back portion of the t-shirts. Sizes range from M-4xl and one can also order bigger sizes.

Baseball Jackets- Jackets can jazz up any normal outfit. Opting for Baseball Jackets will allow you to wear them at the gym too. They are made of 100 % nylon and come with a quilted nylon lining that has been filled up with polyester. They are waterproof, light and are available in black (with white lettering of the Westside logo). Though large sizes are available, one can also place special orders for bigger sizes.

Woman’s Black Tank top- This one is perfect for those women who love to exercise with style. With these pre-shrunk, 100% cotton tops, you can earn loads of appreciation. They are available in small, medium and large sizes.

Stadium Jackets- Make a style statement with these hooded jackets that are light and waterproof. Made from nylon, they have a fleece lining, front zipper and drawstring waist. The Westside logo has been put at the back.

Westside Sweatshirts- Flaunt your style quotient with these Westside sweatshirts. Medium-4xL sizes are available and colors include red, black, and grey.

Enhance your fashion quotient a few notches higher with these attractive Westside Barbell Clothing.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Fitness Apparel

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fitness apparelThe fitness industry in USA, in recent times, has grown by leaps and bounds. With obesity becoming a major health issue, there are many who have switched to an active lifestyle and are sweating it out at the gym. One of the most important factors that concern people while working out at the gym is the fitness apparel. The latest craze these days is to opt for outfits that are comfortable and specifically suited for fitness sessions. We provide few tips for people who want to invest in high-quality gym wear.

Give priority to comfort- Gym goers can opt for sweat pants, shorts, t-shirts, jackets etc while working out. Choose outfits that are comfortable and fits you perfectly. Make sure that the clothes don’t ride up, slide down or reveal more than what you intend. The latest craze these days are the Westside Barbell and MusclePharm T-Shirts. These pre-shrunk, 100 % cotton t-shirts can be a great addition to your gym wear. They are available in colors such as black and white and you can select any size ranging from Med – 4XL.

Consider the weather- It is important to consider the weather and the temperature while selecting the appropriate fitness apparel. For winter, select clothes that are made of nylon since they will act as a protection against the cold weather. For example, you can wear Baseball Jackets during the winter. Made of 100 % nylon, they are lightweight and waterproof. They also come with a quilted nylon lining that has been filled up with polyester.

Select clothes according to the type of activity- It is advised to wear clothes that suit the type of exercise that you are doing. For example, if you are running on the treadmill or performing strength training exercises, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts is fine. On the other hand, if you are doing Pilates or Yoga, opt for clothes that will help you to stay covered and move freely.
There is no dearth of variety, colors and sizes as far as fitness apparels are concerned. Consider the few factors that have been discussed above and you are ready for your daily fitness routine.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bandbell Bar – A Specialty Bar to Change Your Gym

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Specialty BarOne of the most economical ways to create a powerlifting gym is to get a good power rack (to avoid injuries), plates and dumbbells, and finally some bars. In fact, these specialty bars can change your gym completely. The Bandbell bar, for example, can easily boost your strength training routine. This patent pending specialty bar take your fitness exercise a step ahead. You can attach kettle bells and bands to this bar for performing all kind of pressing.

Specialty BarThe Bandbell bar can help you to learn press correctly. This fitness equipment helps you to contract all the pressing muscles including the last, arms, chest, and dolts. To use the kettle bells for most effective bar pressing, you can double up a mini-band and hang them from the bar. This must be done around the handle the kettle bells. Since this can be very precarious and taxing, it is recommended to use spotters. At Westside Barbell, many powerlifters use kettle bells for band pressing, which have produced great results. However, remember to stop the kettle bells along with the bar from accelerating while you lower the bar to your chest.

This requires proper technique and practice. The elasticity of the band will force the kettle bells to lower further, even though you stop the bar. And the bells will continue to move in all direction, just like an oscillating pendulum. This may create a chaotic state, if you cannot stop the bells in time. The bells will continue to move upward, once they reach lockout. To provide stability, you must work all your pressing muscles together.

The Bandbell bar can hold up to 200 lbs.

Flaunt Your Style with Westside Clothing

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Wearing the right kind of fitness apparel is crucial for setting the tone of the strength training routine and feeling good about oneself. Also, it is important to opt for comfortable gym wear since you will be moving your body a lot during these fitness sessions. We provide you with a range of funky and interesting fitness clothing.

Westside Clothing

Grey Sweat Pants- Sweat pants are fast emerging as the latest fashion trend and can be an ideal gym wear as well. They are basically an extension of the harem pants, but have a softer finish. Made of 50 % polyester and 50 % cotton, they are stylish (with “West” imprinted on the left calf and “Side” imprinted on the right calf) and yet comfortable. To put you at greater ease, these sweat pants come with an open bottom and draw string.

Westside Black Half Zip-up- With Westside Black half zip-up, you can gain an edge over others as far as style quotient is concerned. Made by Sport-Trek, it has 40 percent Polyester and 60 percent cotton. This soft and comfortable sweatshirt comes with fleece lining and lasts longer because of its minimum shrinkage features. This fitness apparel comes across distinctive because of the “Always Irritated “imprint on the left hand sleeve and “Often Imitated” imprint on the sleeve of the right hand. On the back of the shirt, there is the logo of the Westside dog.

Woman’s Tees- Made from pure cotton; these t-shirts have a classic fit and come in a variety of sizes and colors (pink and black).

Westside Athletic Shorts- Many of us love wearing shorts while lifting weights or running on the treadmill. Westside Athletic Shorts provide both style and comfort. Made from 100% nylon, they are lightweight and have an elastic waist.

So now that you know about the different types of fitness apparel, select the one that you find the best and start enjoying the fitness sessions.
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