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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shop Around for Versatile Utility Benches

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Utility benches are the preferred choices of people who are serious about weight training and powerlifting. One of the advantages of utility bench is that there are no barbell holders attached to it, so one can perform different types of weight training exercises on this equipment. Another special feature of this strength training equipment is that unlike many other fitness machines, it takes up limited space. Utility benches can be of different types and we provide a brief review of few of them.
Three-Way Utility Bench- This utility bench can truly be called a versatile fitness equipment. It makes a quick adjustment from 0 to 85 degrees; this utility bench can even be rolled out with one hand. The three-way utility bench targets various areas of the body including shoulders, arms, back and chest.

Utility Benches
Incline Utility Bench-This fitness equipment is ideal for all those who are obsessed with incline dumbbell work. It is easy to use and can be readily adjusted from 35-70 degrees. It also comes with a compact and a stable base. With the Incline Utility Bench, you can concentrate on your weight training routines and not worry about the quality of the machine.

Utility Benches
Decline Utility Bench-The Decline Utility Bench has a simple design, but it is strong and sturdy. In addition, it is comfortable, can be adjusted easily and has been built in a way so that it can tolerate years of abuse. Another unique fact about this equipment is that it can be easily adjusted from 10-25 degrees with five positions.

Utility Benches
Multi-Purpose Bench- This sleek and stylish utility bench can be used for dumbbell work and for exercising with the Smith machine. The checker footplate of the equipment provides complete security and comfort comes in the form of the slightly angled back pad.

All utility benches have different functions and special features. Click here to shop for the perfect utility bench.


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