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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bandbell Bar – A Specialty Bar to Change Your Gym

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Specialty BarOne of the most economical ways to create a powerlifting gym is to get a good power rack (to avoid injuries), plates and dumbbells, and finally some bars. In fact, these specialty bars can change your gym completely. The Bandbell bar, for example, can easily boost your strength training routine. This patent pending specialty bar take your fitness exercise a step ahead. You can attach kettle bells and bands to this bar for performing all kind of pressing.

Specialty BarThe Bandbell bar can help you to learn press correctly. This fitness equipment helps you to contract all the pressing muscles including the last, arms, chest, and dolts. To use the kettle bells for most effective bar pressing, you can double up a mini-band and hang them from the bar. This must be done around the handle the kettle bells. Since this can be very precarious and taxing, it is recommended to use spotters. At Westside Barbell, many powerlifters use kettle bells for band pressing, which have produced great results. However, remember to stop the kettle bells along with the bar from accelerating while you lower the bar to your chest.

This requires proper technique and practice. The elasticity of the band will force the kettle bells to lower further, even though you stop the bar. And the bells will continue to move in all direction, just like an oscillating pendulum. This may create a chaotic state, if you cannot stop the bells in time. The bells will continue to move upward, once they reach lockout. To provide stability, you must work all your pressing muscles together.

The Bandbell bar can hold up to 200 lbs.


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