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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fascinating Fitness Accessories

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Earlier we had discussed few interesting fitness accessories that can be a great addition to your weight training routine. Today we will point out few accessories that are more useful.

Stud Bar Pull-Up- Made from 14-gauge steel, this pull up bar comes with triangular gussets which provides additional support. It has a weight capacity of 600 LB. Other features include a 1 1/4″ diameter that allows a comfortable grip.

Stud Bar comes in three different sizes so that it can adjust itself accordingly with the various ceiling heights. Standard Bar is ideal for nine-foot wall mountings or ceilings. The bar comes with optional settings, which allow it to hang 22” or 14 “below the ceiling. All those with 8-foot ceilings can opt for the Small Bar. It can hang 15” or 10” below the ceiling. Those who have 10 foot ceiling can consider the Large Bar. It can be hanged 31″ or 39″ below the ceiling.

Large Gym Bags- We all require bags that have loads of space, and can be easily carried to the gym. At the same time, they must look trendy and stylish. You can opt for these 36″L x 18″ bags, which are high on quality and style. Made from 600-D nylon, they come with deluxe full-length zippers. Additional features include easily detachable shoulder straps and 2” webbing handles.

Pulling Sled Straps-They are ideal for presses, face pulls and other workouts for the upper body.

Pulling Sled and Strap Combo- Pulling Sled and Strap Combo are ideal for people who are looking for new fitness accessories for spicing up their training programs. It is lightweight and contains 2 nylon straps that can be used though a belt. It can be opted by those who want to strengthen their upper and lower body.

With these intriguing fitness accessories, weight-training exercises can never be boring again!


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