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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grab the Hottest Strength Training Equipments

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Earlier we discussed about a few strength-training equipment that one can use for toning the upper body. Today we will be providing information about more such useful fitness machines.

The Chest Press- This equipment is ideal for shaping up the chest region of the body. The 70-degree training angle of The Chest Press works on the upper and mid-chest muscles. You can experience variety in your fitness routine with the help of the barbell and neutral handgrips that are ergonomically angled. The machine also has a pre-stretch lever arm that allows the user to slip in it easily and quickly.

Pec Deck- Pec Deck is the perfect machine for isolating and working on the pec muscles. The unique fact about this fitness equipment is that it has designed for unilateral and bilateral use. The adjustable seat allows the user to experience the correct alignment of the body. The aluminum footplate will lock you firmly in your position.

Shoulder Training- If you want to flaunt shapely shoulders, go for this equipment, which has a classic design and versatile features. The multi-position handgrips target the shoulder muscles and the counterbalanced lift arm lowers the start weight to 15 lbs. Shoulder Training also helps to reduce rotator cup torsion.

Vertical Press- This fitness equipment works on the lats and rear delts. The adjustable seat prevents any chance of slipping off and the cushioned chest pad provides the much needed support and comfort. Vertical Press also comes with multiple handgrip positions.

Seated Row- Boasting of a sleek and stylish design, the Seated Row can greatly enhance the size and endurance of the back muscles. Features include chrome-plated handles, aluminum checker plate and dense padding.

Now that you know which strength training equipments are ideal for the upper body, getting into shape is just a matter of time.


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