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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boost Up Your Workout Routine with Fitness Accessories

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Fitness accessories are a great way for spicing up the daily exercise routine and enjoy an amazing workout. We provide few interesting accessories that any fitness maniac can opt for.

fitness accessoriesGrappler- This is an ideal exercise equipment for toning the shoulders and enhancing the size and strength of the upper body. In fact, the grappler can also be used by sportsperson for conditioning. A unique fact about this exercise equipment is that two people can use it at the same time.

Tricep Rope- Tricep rope can be used for workouts such as lat pulldowns, low rows, triceps pushdowns etc. It comes with a forged steel grommet that easily accommodates itself in any commercial gym. The custom-engineered ball grips allow a stronger support.

Reverse Hyper Straps- All those who love working out on the Reverse Hyper exercise equipment can opt for these straps. This set contains one long and one short strap. Use the short strap for the lower back region and the long one for the hamstrings and glutes.

The Allen Core Wheel- Opt for this fitness accessory to work on the core area. The Allen Core Wheel is ideal for the shoulders too.

Deluxe Ab Straps- They have been made from heavy-duty cordura nylon that enhances its durability and strength. These special straps come with locking, forged steel carabineers that fit into any gym. The bottom of the straps contains high-density foam, which supports the arms during the strength training workouts. The side straps have brushed nylon that provides protection to the arms and makes the Ab Straps more convenient to use.

Shop around for these fitness accessories and have fun while working out. Enjoy!


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