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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pick Out the Best Strength Training Equipments

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We have earlier provided information about weight training equipments that can tighten your upper body. Today we will highlight more such functional exercise equipments. Here we go.

Ab Crunch- Most of us fantasize about flaunting the perfectly shaped
abdomen. Now it is easy to fulfill your dream with the help of Ab Crunch exercise machine. It has an adjustable seat and a starting position that makes it easy to use. The sealed pillow block bearings has made possible to experience a full range crunching movement.

Neck Machine- Neck is one area of the body that is usually ignored by weight training
equipments. However, with this particular exercise machine, you can train your neck like never before. The dual rotating headpiece makes it different from the regular fitness equipments. The simple design of the Neck Machine keeps your head in the right position while you are working out.

The unique fact of this equipment is that the user can exercise the neck muscles from four various directions. It also has a comfortable padding and you can easily change the weight from your current exercise position. Other features of the Neck Machine include four handgrips and an adjustable seat.

Adjustable Cable Column- Adjustable Cable Column is a flexible exercise equipment, which allows several workouts within a small footprint. You can slide the handle/ pulley mechanism up and down to the chosen height on the column with laser-cut numbers. Attach the grip to the cable and work out. This machine even allows for leg and hip exercises.

Standing Bicep Curl- Shape up your biceps like never before with this unique fitness machine. With a small footprint and a natural progression of movement, Standing Bicep Curl can be the ultimate fitness equipment.

It is recommended to choose the fitness equipment that suits your requirements and lifestyle the best.


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