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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Switch on to Healthy Living with Utility Benches

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Earlier we had discussed a number of utility benches that can be opted by those who want to indulge themselves in fitness strength training. Today we will provide a brief review of other varieties of utility benches that can help you to achieve your dream body. Read on.

Utility flat- Utility flat is one fitness equipment that is versatile, durable and strong. It has been built in a way so that tolerating years of abuse comes easy to it. So hop on it and work your way to good health.

Four-Way Utility Bench- This exercise machine targets all the stops–flat, decline, upright position for shoulder work and four incline angles. Breathe easy as you perform the sit-ups or decline exercises on this fitness machine. The removable footrest will keep you secured in your position. The adjustable seat makes it easy to move on to higher level of incline training. Moving on is simple- get hold of the handle and roll away. With the Four-Way Utility Bench, you can enjoy benefits of several utility benches in just one exercise machine.

Three-Way Utility with Spotter Platform- This one can be said to be the ultimate fitness equipment. It is simple, plain and yet tough. The Three-Way Utility with Spotter Platform is ideal for all those who are working hard on shoulders, chest, arms and back. The unique feature of this utility bench is that it adjusts itself easily from zero to ninety degrees and you can roll it with one hand. In addition, the seat locks your position for incline work.

This exercise equipment comes with a spotter platform that provides added security. You also feel more confident to push it harder than you would in a normal situation.

So what are you waiting for? Start working out on the utility bench and it will never let you down.


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