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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Flaunt Your Style with Westside Clothing

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Wearing the right kind of fitness apparel is crucial for setting the tone of the strength training routine and feeling good about oneself. Also, it is important to opt for comfortable gym wear since you will be moving your body a lot during these fitness sessions. We provide you with a range of funky and interesting fitness clothing.

Westside Clothing

Grey Sweat Pants- Sweat pants are fast emerging as the latest fashion trend and can be an ideal gym wear as well. They are basically an extension of the harem pants, but have a softer finish. Made of 50 % polyester and 50 % cotton, they are stylish (with “West” imprinted on the left calf and “Side” imprinted on the right calf) and yet comfortable. To put you at greater ease, these sweat pants come with an open bottom and draw string.

Westside Black Half Zip-up- With Westside Black half zip-up, you can gain an edge over others as far as style quotient is concerned. Made by Sport-Trek, it has 40 percent Polyester and 60 percent cotton. This soft and comfortable sweatshirt comes with fleece lining and lasts longer because of its minimum shrinkage features. This fitness apparel comes across distinctive because of the “Always Irritated “imprint on the left hand sleeve and “Often Imitated” imprint on the sleeve of the right hand. On the back of the shirt, there is the logo of the Westside dog.

Woman’s Tees- Made from pure cotton; these t-shirts have a classic fit and come in a variety of sizes and colors (pink and black).

Westside Athletic Shorts- Many of us love wearing shorts while lifting weights or running on the treadmill. Westside Athletic Shorts provide both style and comfort. Made from 100% nylon, they are lightweight and have an elastic waist.

So now that you know about the different types of fitness apparel, select the one that you find the best and start enjoying the fitness sessions.


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