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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Effective Strength Training Equipments for the Upper Body

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Many people would love to flaunt a perfectly chiseled upper body and torso. We suggest a few strength-training devices that will help them to achieve their fitness goal.

Incline Lever Row- Incline Lever Row is one fitness equipment that can help you to shape up the abdominal region. In addition, it is also effective for reducing strain in the lower back. Incline Lever Row comes with multi-position handgrips which you can utilize to add variety to your workout routine.

The Dip/Ab/Push-Up- The Dip/Ab/Push-Up should be used by anyone who is looking forward to work on the upper body. Made from huge 3″ square tubing, you can use it to perform knee raises. Thick pads of this fitness equipment will provide complete support to the elbows while you work out. Step down for a while and move up for the dips. This fitness equipment will also aid you to perform elevated push-ups.

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Mini Sit-Up
- We all know that regular sit-ups can help us to get a toned upper body and great abs. Now you can enhance the sit-up exercises with the help of the Mini Sit-Up. The best part is that this unique fitness equipment can accommodate itself within a space of 48” x 24”. You get sufficient resistance for ab work from the 30-degree angle and the shin rollers help you to stay in position.

45 Degree Hyperextension- This machine simultaneously works on the back region and stabilizes the lower part of the body. It can be easily adjusted, while providing the necessary comfort.

Curl Pedestal- All those who love doing curl bar exercises can opt for the Curl Pedestal. It comes with handy weight storage pegs that make it easier for the user to change and add plates swiftly. Thus, the momentum of your strength-training workout is not lost.

We provided a brief review of the different equipments that can help your upper body to get into shape. Select the one that will help you in fulfilling your goals and make you feel good.


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