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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Secret Tips for Simplifying Your Diet Plan

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In the mad rush to make ourselves fit, we often draw up a complicated diet plan that hardly benefits us and ends up making us more confused. To get rid of this problem, we provide few tips that will help you to simplify your diet program. Here we go.

Eat your breakfast- One of the golden rules diet-planof fitness is to eat breakfast daily. It will burn calories faster and thus help you to shed the pounds in the long run. Opt for fiber-rich foods such as barley for making you feel ‘full’ for a longer time.

Maintain a food diary- Writing down every food item consumed during the day helps you to calculate the daily calorie intake correctly. Many of us love taking bites from other people’s plates and later overlook it. The result is that we fail to reach the fitness goals and wonder where we went wrong. Maintaining a food journal on a regular basis will help you to keep track on what you are eating.

Plan healthy snacks- Planning the mid-morning or afternoon snacks will help you to avoid the high-calorie food items that you may consume on an impulse. Try unsalted popcorn, handful of dried nuts, plain yoghurt or a fruit at the snack time. These snacks will provide you with the required nutrition and prevent you from overeating.

Increase your water intake- According to a study published by the University of North Carolina; participants who drank 7 cups of water consumed 200 calories less (on daily basis) as compared to those who drank 1 cup of water. Drink water before and post your workout routine and with every meal and snack.

Simplify your diet plan with the help of these secret tips and fulfill your fitness goals faster. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Cheers!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Build Your Shoulder Muscles with Arnold Dumbbell Press

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Developing shoulder muscles is important for creating a well-rounded physique. The deltoid muscles of your body serve as a vital link between the chest and arm and help to create that nice rounded shape cutting into the top of your bicep. However, many neglect the deltoids and focus more on the chest, arms and back while opting for strength training programs.

You can include Arnold Dumbbell Press in your strength training program to workout the shoulder muscles. To do this fitness exercise properly, sit on an exercise bench that supports your back properly. Now hold two dumbbells in front of you. The dumbbells must be at about your upper chest level and the palms must be facing your body; keep your elbows bent. Also remember to keep the arms next to your torso. Your starting position must look similar to the contracted portion of the dumbbell curl.

To perform the movement, you need to raise the dumbbells while rotating your palms. Keep rotating the palm until they are facing forward. You must continue to lift the dumbbells until the arms are extended above the body in a straight-arm position. While performing this movement, you need to breathe out slowly. Take a second pause while at the top and then lower the dumbbells slowly to the original position. While lowering the dumbbells, keep on rotating the palms towards you. Rotate your left arm in a counter clockwise manner and the right arm in a clockwise manner. It is recommended to breathe when doing this movement.

Repeat the whole process for around 8-10 times. You may even perform this exercise standing up; the other steps will be similar. However, those who have lower back issues are strictly recommended to do this movement while sitting on an exercise bench to support the back properly.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Flaunt Ripped Muscles in Just Four Weeks

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One of the most common fitness goals of men is to achieve the ripped muscles. And let’s admit it-those fabulous muscles do attract the opposite sex! We share with you some secrets regarding how you can get those ripped muscles within four weeks. Here we go.

ripped body
• Opt for exercise routines that burn fat and build lean muscle mass at the same time. Weight training exercises are good for getting those ripped muscles, but it won’t be much effective unless you combine it with other fat burning exercises. For example, you can perform 10 power cleans and combine it with 45 seconds of Jumping Jacks. Repeat this cycle for four-eight times. This exercise routine will help you to build muscle and lose weight at the same time.

• Interval training has proved to be effective for boosting the metabolic rate, burning fat and achieving those hot muscles. Incorporate interval workouts in your fitness routine and try doing them atleast 3-5 times every week. Interval training, as compared to cardio workouts, will help you to flaunt the shapely muscles within a shorter time.

• It is important to follow a healthy eating plan while you are working hard to reach your fitness goals. Avoid junks and synthetic drinks. Opt for a balanced diet that includes the right proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to drink lots of water.

Remember that in order to flaunt ripped muscles, you need to devote lots of energy and patience. Stick to your exercise routine and don’t expect overnight results. Results will start showing after 4 weeks. Best of luck!

Grab Low- Calorie Medifast Pancakes for losing weight

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Most of us would love to indulge in hot and delicious pancakes anytime of the day. However, pancakes are usually rich in calories and are seen as a threat to the healthy eating plan. Well, not anymore. With Medifast bringing you low-calorie and yet yummy, golden pancakes, you no longer need to sacrifice taste for health. Read on to know more about the intriguing details of these Medifast chocolate chips pancakes.

Ingredients and calories-The ingredients of this low-calorie food include whey protein concentrate, rice flour, oat fiber, dried eggs, semi-sweet chocolate chips, soy protein isolates, and dried apples. These pancakes contain 110 calories per serving and 15 calories from fat. It can be mentioned here that the serving size is 31 g/1.11 oz.

Nutritional information-Medifast chocolate chips pancakes contain fats (1.5 grams), cholesterol (5 mg), carbohydrates (14 grams), protein (11 grams), sugars (4 grams), dietary fiber (4 grams), sodium (240 mg), potassium (140 mg). It can be added here that all the above-mentioned quantities have been measured per serving.

Vitamins and Minerals-This low-calorie food has 24 vitamins and minerals which include Vitamin A, C, B6, B12, D, E, K, iron, copper. While all these vitamins are essential for the maintenance of overall health, iron helps in blood circulation and protects the body against stress. Copper, on the other hand, helps the body to use the iron in the proper manner, along with other health benefits.

Gluten-free-Medifast pancakes are gluten-free (certified), so those who wish to exclude gluten from their diet can opt for these products.

Vegetarian- These fluffy pancakes are vegetarian, so people with any type of food preferences can place orders for them. In addition, they do not contain any artificial flavors or colors.

The information that we have provided above proves the fact that Medifast pancakes are tasty and yet does not interfere with healthy eating plan. So what are you waiting for? Rush now to place your order.
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