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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Olympic Benches used by Westside Barbell Powerlifters

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In our previous post, we discussed the factors that one must consider while shopping for an Olympic bench. Now, it’s time to focus on some of the benches that are used by the legendary powerlifter Louie Simmons and other powerlifters of Westside Barbell.

Olympic Decline Bench
This strength-Olympic Decline Benchtraining device is known for its ability to fire every nerve of your chest and can create separation between your Pecs to complete the torso. It allows a multijoint movement to increase strength in each major upper body lift. In fact, this Olympic bench is built to deliver strength and is suitable for all body types. This fitness equipment weighs 220 lbs and comes with welded mainframe. The adjustable and vinyl covered roller pads of this bench allow for various user torso lengths. It has pop pin adjustment and elevated knee position helps to avoid hyperextension of your lower back. For Olympic bar placement, this strength-training device comes with ABS Protective Wear Guards.

Olympic Incline Bench
Olympic Incline BenchThis Olympic bench is not only impressive in appearance; it provides the best possible overhead shoulder training for powerlifters. The supported back position ensures that you can rely on this machine while performing overhead shoulder training. You can lean back on a 35° angle to put the hurt on the upper chest; the adjustable seat ensures that you are always correctly positioned. Other features include 3" square tubing, and a large spotter's platform that allows assistance to arrive just in time. This strength training equipment weighs around 270 lbs.

You can more information about the Olympic benches used by Westside Barbell powerlifters in our next blog post.


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