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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Perk Up Your Workout Routine with Exercise Balls

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Every year we are flooded with new fitness theories and trends. However, one trend that has withstood the test of time is incorporating exercise balls as part of the fitness routine. Using the right kind of exercise balls can make your abs and back stronger and enhance the stability of the body. With the market flooded with a variety of exercise balls, we provide a brief review of the most useful ones.
Elite Power Medicine BallsPro Swiss Ball- You can use the Pro Swiss ball to increase your fitness levels. It is unstable and you have to adjust your balance constantly. This, in turn, will help you to improve your flexibility and balance. To make your workouts more challenging, you can use the Pro Swiss Ball as an exercise bench and combine it with lightweights. This will help you to work on the stabilizer muscles.

Many people love to incorporate this exercise ball as part of their fitness strength training. Giving importance to this fact, these balls have been designed in a way so that they provide additional support while performing weight-training exercises.

Another feature of this special fitness ball is that it is made of a unique material, which prevents it from exploding suddenly, in case it is punctured accidentally. Acrylic particles allow the air to release slowly and thus the balls deflate safely.

Pro Swiss BallElite Power Medicine Balls- These balls are strong and sturdy and are guaranteed to retain their shape. You can use these exercise balls in a number of ways. You can execute traditional medicine ball workouts with the help of them; bounce them against the floor or the wall. The textured surface of the balls guarantees a superior grip and the synthetic rubber construction make them easy to bounce.

So what keeps you waiting? Get hold of an exercise ball and spice up your exercise routine.


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