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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Opt for Healthy Eating Plan While Dining Out

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There are many who think that eating out is not an option for fitness freaks. Well, this is not a right notion. One can always eat out at restaurants while maintaining the ideal intake of calories. All one needs to do is to be aware of some simple techniques that will help him/her to stick to the healthy eating plan. Here we go-

healthy food While eating out, opt for meals that include lean proteins (chicken, fish, and beans), vegetables (French fries and potato chips don’t fall in this category) and whole grains. Whole-grains may include brown rice and whole wheat bread. So when you are required to make a choice between a whole-wheat turkey sandwich with vegetables and a cheeseburger on a white bun, choose the former.
  • Chew the food slowly and relish its taste, flavor and texture. In addition, consuming the food slowly allows easy digestion and stomach gets the signal that it is ‘full’. This prevents overeating. It is advised the chew the food twenty times (per bite) or until it is totally dissolved.
  • When it comes to beverages, avoid sodas, energy drinks that usually contain empty calories. Drink loads of water or go for low-fat milk.
  • While eating out, health-conscious people should avoid ordering fattening desserts. If you are having a hard time resisting your sweet cravings, ask for a fruit. Alternatively, opt for a low-calorie ice cream.
  • Avoid eyeing other food items on the table. It may evoke sympathy towards you and your family or friends (with whom you have gone out) may feel pressurized to offer the high-calorie foods to you. In addition, they may feel guilty for consuming fatty foods, while you are sticking to low-calorie items.
Eating out can be one of the finest pleasures of life. With these tips, you can take stick to your healthy eating plan, while enjoy yourself at the same time.


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