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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flaunt a Taut Stomach Post-Pregnancy

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In the fitness conscious age, most women would love to flaunt a perfect figure even after having a baby. However, losing weight after one has become a mother is not an easy task and requires tremendous patience and determination. Many women accumulate little fat on their stomach after the birth of their baby and following certain tips may help one to slip back into her favorite pair of jeans. Here is how you can get rid of the post-pregnancy baby pregnancy
  • Chalk out a healthy diet. Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables. Ideally, your diet should consist of the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Do not forget to include the essential vitamins and minerals in the diet. Consult with the doctor to know more about your body’s requirements post-pregnancy.
  • Include pelvic workout in your fitness program. It will work on the stomach muscles and make the belly appear toned and tight. Lie down on your back and ensure that the knees are bent completely. Move the pelvis backward while you tighten the abs. After you are done with this step, breathe out. Gently push the lower back on the floor. Hold on for few seconds (4-5 seconds is enough), inhale and relax.
  • Swimming three days, a week can help you to reduce the extra amount of belly fat. Choose a class where a certified professional trainer is available so that you get the right training and fulfill your fitness goals.
  • Incorporating exercise balls as part of your fitness program may help you to get in shape. Working out with the help of fitness balls is a fun and interesting way of reducing the bulging tummy.
It is important to avoid high-impact, strenuous fitness programs immediately after having a baby. Post-pregnancy, the body requires time to heal, so wait for a while before you start doing the rigorous workouts.


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