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Monday, January 3, 2011

Senior Fitness Programs- Get Addicted to Life

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One of the most common fitness myths is that only young people can benefit from fitness strength training and aerobic exercises. Studies have proved that exercise can be equally beneficial to older adults and it can bring many positive changes in their lives. Below are few options for people who want to remain fit and active despite being senior members of the society.
Senior Fitness- Older adults who are new to fitness or those who are veteran gym members can consider this exercise routine. This fitness program can help you to enhance your endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. Senior Fitness program includes workouts that are easy to follow and fulfill the requirements of any older adult.

Silver and Fit-Silver and Fit targets and works on the whole body. It combines aerobics and strength training exercises in the perfect way and creates an energetic and positive environment. The fitness program Includes exercises that will enhance balance, cardiovascular endurance flexibility, coordination and muscular strength.

Silver Sneakers Cardio- This exercise program is ideal for all those who prefer low-impact aerobic workouts. It has been designed in a way so that people of any fitness level can be comfortable with it. A chair is incorporated in the workout session and you can use it to push your body out of the comfort zone.

Senior Sneakers Strength- The main aim of this workout program is to make the seniors strong and tough. To be more specific, it includes exercises that increase strength of the muscles, agility and range of motions. It also helps in the enhancement of the skills that are essential for daily activities.

It can be mentioned here that the fitness instructors of all the above-mentioned exercise programs are highly qualified and specially trained to meet the requirements of the older adults.

Stay fit and active!


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