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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sculpt a Leaner Body with Weight Training Classes

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Many people love performing strength training exercises for building lean muscle mass, losing weight and enhancing bone strength. The interesting fact about weight training workouts is that they help the body to burn calories long after the session has ended. To make these workouts more interesting, fitness centers have come up with different types of strength training classes. We provide a short review of the most popular weight training classes.

Weight Training Classes24LIFT- This highly energetic weight training class combines hand weights and barbells for chiseling and strengthening every muscle group of the body. All those who are interested in building bigger muscles with greater definition, sign up here.

24 S.E.T- S.E.T stands for strength endurance training which combines cardio training and strength training for shaping the major muscle groups. This perfectly balanced exercise program will make your heart beat at a faster rate.

Core Central- This fitness class includes endurance drills (also known as movers) and functional resistance workouts (which are known as shakers). Hand weights are used for burning the calories and for providing the muscles a great workout. Core Central makes the whole experience challenging even for the experienced athletes.

Amp'd Abs- It’s easy to feel bored doing the same sit-ups and basic crunches continuously. This fitness program incorporates various exercises (that target the abdominal region) so that your motivation level never takes a dip. Amp'd Abs fitness class will help you to build muscles (which you never thought existed in the first place!) and to develop the core strength.

Each of the above mentioned fitness program has been designed in a way so that it makes the participants fit, strong and energetic. Keep on rocking!


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