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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Drop Pounds Faster with Adequate Sleep

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In the 21st century, most of us hardly have the time for a good sleep. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation can give a number of problems such as stress, depression, mood swings, irritability etc. In fact, many research studies have proved the fact that following certain tips before and during the sleep time may help you to lose weight. We provide few tips regarding how you can drop the pounds while sleeping.
  • Aim for sleeping 7-8 hours every night. Studies have shown that when we sleep less, our body craves for junk foods. It quickly breaks down the simple carbohydrates (found in junk foods) to get energy and this contributes to weight gain. Some studies also suggest that when the body is deprived from adequate sleep, it tends to store food as fat, instead of using it as fuel. In addition, opting for 7-8 hours of sleep keeps the metabolic rate high during the daytime.
  • Strength training exercises can help you to lose more weight during sleep. These workouts help you to build lean muscles and 1 pound of lean muscle can burn 50 calories. In fact, strength training helps the body to melt away the extra pounds even after the end of fitness sessions.
  • Try to avoid carbohydrates for 6 hours before you hit the bed. When you reduce the intake of carbohydrates before bedtime, the body burns fat for energy. This helps in weight-loss.
  • Drinking green tea before you hit the sleep button can help you to drop weight. Green tea enhances the metabolic rate and this, in turn, helps to shed the extra weight.
  • You can also try meditation and relaxation techniques before you go to sleep. Relaxing helps the cortisol levels to drop and this allows the body to burn more number of calories.
All the above-mentioned tips will help you to lose weight while sleeping. Apart from following these suggestions, do not forget to consume a healthy and nutritious diet. Also, go for regular strength training and cardio-vascular workouts.


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